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Pearly Gates

Pearly Gates

Pearly Gates mushrooms are a fascinating combination of the True Albino Teacher and Melmac psilocybin mushroom varieties. The spores from this strain possess outstanding characteristics that set them apart from others. The mushrooms themselves are completely white, both on top and bottom, and are known for their remarkably high concentration of psilocybin, making them incredibly potent. As they grow, they take on physical characteristics that are reminiscent of the Penis Envy mushroom variety. This makes sense, given that the Melmac strain is the original Penis Envy strain. The Pearly Gates strain is notable for its thick stems, small wavy caps, rare bulbous cap, and unusual shapes. Even when dried, these magic mushrooms are huge and dense, making them a fascinating addition to any collection.



The experience elicited by consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms can vary based on several factors, like individual brain chemistry, body size, and even your expectations!

We recommend starting with 1.25 – 1.5 grams per 100lbs body weight.

How much magic mushrooms to take?

It depends what you are looking for, but also another factor as well is your body weight and your last psilocybin intake. Typically I would like to recommend:

  • 0.15g-0.5g: Micro-dosing, improving mood and emotion without any impairment.
  • 0.5g-1g: Light, happy, warm
  • 1g-2g:  Stronger buzz, slight change in thinking/speech
  • 2g-3.5g: Visual effects (geometric patterns), enhanced lighting
  • 3.5g+: The higher you go the higher you get… expect an adventure when you dose higher. Not recommended unless you are experienced!

Learn what works for you and work your way up or down depending on what you are going for.

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